One Lawyer, One Day, 194 Felony Cases

On April 27, 2017, Jack Talaska, a lawyer for the poor in Lafayette, La., had 194 felony cases.

The ‘Inchworm bandits’ Strike Again!

“The staff has taken to calling them the ‘inchworm bandits,’” manager Christopher Grinnell said. “They’re inch-worming their way across my dining room floor, all the way to the kitchen.” Via:...

How One Murder Could Reshape Oklahoma

Carpenter v. Murphy isn’t one of the more high-profile Supreme Court cases in recent years, but it may lead to one of the most consequential decisions this term.

The Rising Tide of Wrongful Convictions

On March 7, 2017, the registry released a report summarizing the data it had documented since its founding: 1,994 exonerations. (The number is now above 2,100.) Seventy-eight percent of the exonerations did not involve...