Without Warning: The Lauren Agee Case

Without Warning is a podcast hosted by Sheila Wysocki, a Tennessee private investigator who has spend the last several years of her career as a private investigator Seeking Justice for Lauren Agee.

To listen to more episode on this podcast, head on over to Sheila Wysocki’s Website. There, she has documented the investigation in great detail.

Even though the lawsuit was dropped, Sheila Wysocki continues to assist Lauren’s family in finding justice and solace.

There is no way that was an accident, I will go to the grave believing that girl was killed, her body was moved and they are hiding the truth,

Yarchuck told Fox17.

Episode 0 – Seeking Shelia

Episode 1 – Death Trap

Episode 2 – He Has Nothing to Do with It

Episode 3 – Who is Aaron Lilly

Episode 4 – He Makes Me Famous

Episode 5 – Proof or Speculation

Without Warning is Mixed and Mastered by Resonate Recordings.

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